Quantum Wealth

So, today I saw a blog article from 19-year-old Rachael Sacks about her choice not to pretend that she’s poor in order to make people around her like her. It was interesting to me that if I replaced her tag-line with: ‘Gay African refugee Rachael Sacks refuses to pretend that she’s heterosexual in order to appease local rebels,’ that I’m certain she would have been hailed a hero with her face plastered over all networks as a shining example of courage and daring authenticity. Instead she got attacked for speaking up honestly for who she is as a wealthy girl. Does anyone smell the stench of societal hypocrisy here?

In essence, her article was about her right to be all of who she is without being treated differently for it. I would consider this to be a basic human right and something a young person should be encouraged to speak up about. Yet her message is being lost in misconceptions and insecurities about wealth and how it is created. It’s being lost in mass consciousness beliefs in the story of, ‘the haves and have nots.’ Fortunately, that fairy tale was never based on the truth. I love science for this very reason. It cuts out the bullshit.

Quantum Physics 101: Before anything becomes material, it must begin as energy. This applies to absolutely everything. Consciousness is the magnet that attracts energy, which creates matter. Consider the beliefs that you have right now around work, money and love, and think about your life as it is. You will find that they are a perfect mirror of each other. Everything you believe in your consciousness was and is the magnet for the energy that materialized in your life as it is right now. Your consciousness magnetized your job, your relationship/s, the size of your bank account or lack thereof, etc.

Simple example: Twin girls on the first day at the school playground. Sarah is happy and feeling like the world is infinite and easily attracts many friends. Leah, her sister sulks in the corner feeling like Sarah has it all and life is unfair, finding herself alone. Is Sarah luckier than Leah? Hell no! But because their consciousness is different, they attract different energies, which then create that story. And I wish to highlight the words, ‘create’ and ‘story.’ Our lives reflect the story we have chosen  to tell  about ourselves, hence no two lives are identical.

So, let’s just say someone like Rachael Sacks gave $100,000 to every single poor person she met out of ‘duty’ to the poor regardless of whether it felt right to her or not. Their story would not allow them to keep the money unless they changed their consciousness around money because energy flows ONLY in the direction of consciousness that matches it.

So if someone has a consciousness with the belief, ‘Money is scarce,’ you could give them $100k and soon find, like many rags-to-riches lottery winners or prisoners set free who return to jail, that they have spent and lost it all within a short period of time, returning back to the life they had before. Forcing or trying to guilt the wealthy into giving and appeasing the insecurities of the poor is not the long-term answer because it does not address the root causes of what creates poverty in the first place. The same applies to sexism, racism etc.

The long-term solution to these issues is educating people to realize that they are the sole creators of their reality and that energy will serve, without restriction, the consciousness they choose to hold. With this shift in consciousness, suddenly the money and the equality will manifest. It will appear in the form of funding for a school in a 3rd world country or a wealthy patron who just loves to help out without agenda, a company who develops a technology for fuel recycling, a change in tax laws, a winning lotto ticket, etc.

But these resources absolutely cannot appear without a consciousness of abundance and that consciousness knows no victimhood. It trusts itself and it trusts in life and most of all it is not co-dependent, meaning its reality is not reliant on what other people, society, governments, wealthy people, religions, etc., do or don’t do. The consciousness of abundance is 100% sovereign.

Believe it’s hard – energy gives you that experience. Believe the world is unfair – energy gives that to you. Believe that person is arrogant – energy brings you more evidence of arrogance. And yet, it’s not about any kind of universal truth. It’s about YOU and what you believe that is dictating your interpretation of people and your experiences. You are creator and energy is your servant.

To be a quantum creator, you cannot afford to lie to yourself and blame anyone or anything for your life experiences. Your consciousness has nothing to do with anyone but you. It’s a mature path of total self-responsibility, which is too tall an order for some and true freedom for others. It’s up to you but the truth is that trust fund kids, billionaires, racists, dictators, rapists, etc., are not the causes of trouble in our world. They are not creating any kind of unfair imbalances. Rather, they are mirrors for beliefs within individuals and in mass consciousness. Our consciousness is the broadcast station for our current earth reality. As individual consciousness shifts, mass consciousness will shift. As mass consciousness shifts, so will the collective reality.

There is no lack of energy to create any form of reality and no such thing as inequality unless you choose to believe and experience that.

It’s the unnatural consciousness of victimhood, that lacks conscious awareness of itself as creator of its reality, which has to go if we are to see wealth more commonly and evenly distributed. And it will go to those choosing to transform their own consciousness to a point that they can create and sustain abundance within their reality.

You simply cannot get poor enough to help others get wealthy, hate yourself enough to get someone to love themselves, or get sick enough to make other people well. Trust me, I tried and I almost died. That’s just not how it works but we have been taught incorrectly that it’s our moral duty to rescue people who choose to create drama, pay attention and invest time in victims, and cut down those who want for nothing. It is this very hypnotic overlay that is perpetuating the cycle of disempowerment and poverty in our society.

You’re either a victim and an unconscious creator or an aware and conscious creator. There is no in-between. I can say from direct personal experience that it was only when I truly owned everything in my life as the manifestation of my consciousness and entrusted myself as the sole director of my own movie that I was able to shift out what no longer served me and create what suited my life. There’s no compromise on this point.

What about everyone else? The way you love someone is to first and foremost love yourself and then look them in the eye and see only their greatness, regardless of how they try to tell you they are less or unable. You keep your focus only there and if they are ready to allow it, they will rise to meet that reality; and if they are not ready to be self-responsible, they will attack you or belittle you like a wounded child unable to accept love. Out of respect, you must honor their choice. You cannot force anyone to realize their true worth or freedom if they don’t want it, nor should you judge them for rejecting it. All are in their own right timing.

Until then, wealthy, poor, man, woman, child, black, white, Asian or blue, it’s time for those who are ready, to own themselves as creators and manifest a new consciousness template that will then be available to anyone who chooses true freedom.

As a good friend of mine once said, “Energy is free to those who are free” and so it is.


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